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Here are some of our favorite tools and ingredients that we use to make your boards, some of our tried-and-true gadgets that we use at home, and even some really special things we wish Santa would put under the tree.

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Our Favorite Cheeses

Youngsters Smoked Gouda

Dive into the smoky depths of Artikaas Youngsters Smoked Gouda, where the rich tradition of Gouda meets a modern twist. This cheese is a smooth, smoky sensation, with a creamy texture and a gentle hint of firewood that lingers on your palate. Perfect for pairing with a robust porter or atop a crunchy apple slice, it brings a cozy warmth to any cheese board.
Central Formagio

Moliterno al Tartufo

Indulge in the opulence of Central Formaggio Moliterno al Tartufo, where rustic charm meets the luxurious allure of black truffles. This sheep's milk cheese, infused with the earthy, aromatic presence of truffles, offers a taste experience that's both complex and captivating. Its firm texture and the rich interplay of savory cheese with the unmistakable truffle essence make it perfect for elevating simple dishes or enjoying with a bold, aged Barolo.

Aged Manchego (3 mo.)

Discover the vibrant heart of La Mancha with Corcuera's 3 Month Aged Manchego, a cheese that captures the essence of Spanish tradition in every bite. This young Manchego, aged for just three months, offers a supple texture and a taste that's both bold and nuanced, with hints of fruit and nuts. Perfectly paired with a light Tempranillo or a dollop of almond honey, it brings a slice of Spanish sunshine to your table.
Cypress Grove

Humboldt Fog

Step into a fog of flavor with Cypress Grove's Humboldt Fog, a cheese that's as mysterious and delightful as a morning mist in a redwood forest. This goat cheese masterpiece features a creamy layer with a line of edible ash, offering a tangy, herbaceous flavor that evolves with age. Ideal with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc or a drizzle of fig jam, it's a taste journey from earthy to ethereal.
El Trigal

Aged Manchego (6mo.)

Savor the rich tradition of Spain with El Trigal's 6 Month Aged Manchego. This sheep's milk marvel offers a symphony of flavors—nutty, caramel, and with a bold, zesty finish. Perfect with a robust Rioja or quince paste, it's a fiesta on your palate. Discover why age isn't just a number—it's a taste!
Isigny Ste. Mere


Uncover the lunar landscape of cheese with Isigny St. Mère Mimolette, a vibrant, orange-hued delight that's as striking to look at as it is to taste. Aged to perfection, its hard, crumbly texture and nutty, caramel flavors are a bold departure from the ordinary. Perfect with a full-bodied Merlot or alongside crisp apple slices, it's a cheese that commands attention and captivates the palate.

Robusto Gouda

Embark on a flavor journey with Kaasaggio Robusto Gouda, a cheese that's as bold and adventurous as its name suggests. Aged to perfection, this Gouda offers a rich, caramelized depth with hints of butterscotch and nuts, making each bite a discovery of robust flavors. Pair it with a dark stout or a full-bodied Cabernet Sauvignon to enhance its intensity, or let it stand alone to truly savor its distinctive character.

Drunken Goat

Meet Mitica Drunken Goat, the cheese that parties as hard as you do! Soaked in red wine, it's smooth, soft, and has a hint of berry that'll make your palate sing. Pair with a light-bodied Tempranillo or tart cherry jam for a flavor fiesta. Cheers to cheese that's truly intoxicating!

Buttermilk Blue Cheese

Embrace the bold with Roth Buttermilk Blue, a cheese that's not afraid to stand out. Creamy, tangy, and with just the right amount of bite, this blue cheese is a symphony of flavors that harmonizes beautifully on your palate. Ideal with a sweet Riesling or drizzled with honey, it transforms any pairing into an exquisite experience.

Merlot Bellavitano

Indulge in the luxurious Sartori Merlot Bellavitano, where cheese meets the essence of fine wine. This masterpiece marries the creamy richness of Bellavitano with the fruity notes of Merlot, creating a taste that's velvety, slightly fruity, and utterly unforgettable. Pair with a glass of your favorite Merlot or dark chocolate for an experience that's simply divine.
Spring Koe

Red Wax Creamy Gouda

Slice into the smooth delight of Spring Koe Red Wax Creamy Gouda, a cheese that's as rich in flavor as it is in color. This creamy treasure is enveloped in its iconic red wax, a hint at the indulgence within. Pair with a crisp apple cider or a dollop of honey for a match made in cheese heaven.
Spring Koe

Spring Goat Gouda

Dive into the 'Gouda' life with Spring Koe Goat Gouda—creamy, tangy, and as fresh as spring itself! Perfect with crisp Sauvignon Blanc, fig jam, and a laugh. It's baaa-rilliant!
Tools & Boards

Ramekin Bowls

Add a little glam to your charcuterie display by housing your condiments in these beauties.

Pearl Bamboo Cocktail Picks

Gold (100 pieces)
Elevate your service with these really fun picks!

Cutting Board

Home Beets

Cutting Board with Handle

Acacia Wood

Cheese Knife Set

Stainless Steel (3 pieces)
A step up from the Boska we have listed, these knives are real workhorses! They'll look great while you prep and while you serve.

Cheese Knife Set

Plum Wood (3 pieces)
These gorgeous knives will make your preparation that much more enjoyable.

Ramekin Bowls

with lids
This 6 piece set comes in a variety of sizes, to keep your ingredients separated and add dimension to your display. Plus, these have lids! This will make picnicking or taking your board on the go much easier!
Stock Your Home Store

Appetizer Forks

Bamboo (200 pieces)
Picnic Time

Wine Appetizer Plates

Allow guests to hold a small plate and their glass of wine easier with these nifty tools.

Wine Preservation System

Sometimes the whole bottle is too much. This tool allows a fine needle to puncture the cork to serve wine, meaning, whatever is left in the bottle remains preserved.
Aeon Design

Cheese Harp

A must have for soft cheese lovers.

Cheese Knife Set

Stainless Steel (3 pieces)
These knives are the perfect combination between quality and value. FYI - they're meant to be used for prep and are a little big for displaying out for guests.

Cheese Knife Set

Miniature, Stainless Steel (4 pieces)
These mini knives are easy to clean and also look nice for service.
John Dubost Laguiole

Cheese Knife Set and Wine Opener

Rosewood (3 pieces)
Two immaculately crafted cheese knifes and a wine opener to match, made by a quintessential French manufacturer.
Jon Dubost Laguiole

Cheese Knife Set

Ivory Stainless Steel (5 pieces)
One large working knife and four smaller serving knives made by a quintessential French manufacturer. Good for medium cheeses.
John Dubost Laguiole

Cheese Knife Set

Black Stainless Steel (3 pieces)
Soft, Medium, and Hard cheese knives made by a quintessential French manufacturer.

Cutting Board

11" x 14"
John Boos

Wood Cutting Board

20" x 15" x 2.25"
John Boos

Wood Cutting Board

18" x 12" x 1.5"
John Boos

Wood Cutting Board

Walnut (Round)
18 inches in diameter

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