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Before you order:

Please note that filling out our inquiry form does not guarantee that your order can be fulfilled.

Due to scheduling constraints, Greet & Cheese cannot guarantee that we are available for your date, scope, or needs for your event. While we always plan to make every accomodation we can, please understand that as our business grows, we are doing our best to keep up. If your date is unavailable, you will hear from our founder to see if there's another date or time we can work together. Be sure to keep an eye on your email to see if we have any follow up questions.

Due to the bespoke nature of our creations, we prefer at least a week's head's up for orders. Payment for an advance order is due 7 days before order fulfillment. If a payment is not rendered by then, your order will be cancelled. Occasionally, orders placed less than a week out can be fulfilled, but it is not always possible. If an order is placed with less than 7 days notice, payment will be due withing 24 hours of invoice receipt by the customer. If payment is not rendered by then, your order will be cancelled. Orders placed within 7 days of fulfillment will be subject to a $15 rush fee.

Blackout Dates: 
July 24-25 (available for pick-up only)
July 26
August 4-5 (available for pick-up only)
August 6-7
August 10-27

We'll do our very best to keep this list updated, but just because your date isn't on this list, it does not mean that your order can be fulfilled. These are just the "absolutely no way, no hows" for the next few months. Please note, if you need something for a date on this list, try to book for the dates on either side of the date. Our boards are guaranteed fresh up to 48 hours before your event.

Orders placed less than 24 hours out will not be accepted.

Your order is only confirmed once you receive an invoice and payment is rendered.

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If you would like a custom order that reaches beyond the scope of the menu below, please email
greetandcheese@gmail.com. A custom order could include varied platter sizes, shapes, and materials, elaborate designs or customizations, delivery outside of our delivery area, and anything else you could dream up.
HOORAY! You've got cheese coming your way!

Now, you'll hear from us via email, whether we send you your invoice immediately or have some follow-up questions about your order.
Oops! Something went a little funky with your submission. Please email greetandcheese@gmail.com to order.

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