With a love for puns, meats, cheeses, and hosting, Greet & Cheese is a bespoke charcuterie board company in Austin, Texas.

Founder, Molly, established Greet & Cheese, LLC in September of 2021. At the time of its founding, Greet & Cheese focused on in-home socialization options for clients in response to the global pandemic. The company now serves the greater Austin area by providing unique charcuterie boards and presentations of all sizes. Because she tailors each board to each individual client’s needs, Molly is able to create pairings and displays that provide clients with not only elegance, but joy. Greet & Cheese clients get to eat their very own art, created just for them.

Our Founder
a young & ambitious
food lover

"When I was three years old, I started 'cooking' for the family. My first real food-based memory is of me standing on a dining chair in the kitchen, making mustard sandwiches for my mom and brother while my mom was getting her degree. While I've gotten a bit better at cooking (and I still love mustard), food is still the ultimate expression of love for me. The fact that I can now share it with others is the ultimate reward."  - Molly, Founder of Greet & Cheese

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