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Greet & Cheese's yearly membership plan Gouda Buddies allows for our most loyal customers, and our corporate clients, to prepare for any of their events, and ensure that they always get the best prices. For $125 per year, you guarantee yourself 20% off any order, any time (up to a $500 discount). The best part is that your full, yearly payment is equal to its full dollar amount in store credit with us. There's no catch! Even if Greet & Cheese is running a flash sale on an order that is already marked down, our Gouda Buddies will be eligible for even larger discounts.

On top of that, our Gouda Buddies are not subject to a "rush fee". If you're a Gouda Buddy and you place an order that is less than 7 days from your fulfillment date, your $15 rush fee will be waived, if of course, we can fill the order! (Not applicable on the first order.)

You'll also be the first to know about new products and classes, and you'll be the first to learn about upcoming events. Gouda Buddies will also receive priority when it comes to holiday orders (which is basically priceless).

This program is perfect for corporate accounts to ensure that your clients are always wowed by your hospitality.

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